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    This post is for those of you who are super busy or don't feel well enough to look around for what's new. I usually do this post weekly, but it somehow got away from me for a few weeks. So, this one is a bit longer than usual. We have quite a bit of new information to share with you.


    Without further ado, here's some of the newest information we've published here for you:


    Migraine Burden Worsened by Stigma
    Migraines. Say the word in a group of people who don't have Migraine disease, and... Well, if you're here reading this, you probably know what happens all too often... sighs, eye rolling, people making comments that show them to be totally clueless. At the 52nd annual scientific meeting of the American Headache Society (June, 2010), results of a study about Migraine and stigma were presented

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    Two articles about Migraines and neck pain:


    A Family's Migraine Horror - A Follow Up
    Last year, I told up you about William Cressey, age 10, who died in early March of 2005 from a completely and totally misdiagnosed case of Migraine. This child suffered a horrible, needless death which could have been avoided if he had received the proper care at Darlington Memorial hospital in England...



    Another Life Lost to Migraine
    How many of us have had times when dealing with Migraines has made us wonder, "Why go on?" I know I've had times when I felt that way. I thought I'd never really have a life because my Migraines were robbing me of it. Sadly, Maria Marotta felt that way last week, and she gave up. The wife of legendary comedian Rich Little, Marotta left her husband a note...



    Migraine Abortive Amerge Now Generic
    Do you take a Migraine abortive medication? If so, which one? If you take Amerge, there may be good news for you. Amerge is now available in generic form, naratriptan...





    Botox Approved in the UK for Prevention of Chronic Migraine
    Migraine prevention is a major concern for many of us, and we're always looking for more options. One option that more and more Migraineurs are investigating is Botox, botulinum toxin Type A. For several years now, researchers in several countries have been conducting clinical trials to investigate the effectiveness of Botox injections in the prevention of Migraines and headaches...


    Summer Migraines and Kids!
    Summer is usually filled with fun and relaxation for our children, but not for those who battle Migraine disease. Making it though the school year is tough enough for kids with Migraines, but add weather changes, such as humidity and rain, then add summer activities along with it, and...


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    Julius Caesar: Roman Emperor, Migraineur
    One of the most famous politicians and soldiers in history, Julius Caesar, had Migraines and, perhaps, epilepsy...






    Ask the Clinician...




    Chat Transcripts
    We're been having a great time with our monthly chats. If you missed them, or if you were there but want to review our discussions, you can check out the transcripts from all of our chats...





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