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  • Having dependable information about the medications we take for our Migraines and headaches is critical. We need to know how they're usually taken, the potential side effects, what other medications and physical conditions could affect or be affected by our medications.

    The information we have here doesn't take the place of the information provided by your doctor or pharmacist, but there are plenty of reasons to do a quck look-up here.

    To make that easier for you, I've been working on our Migraine Drug Index Page. I've added information about some new medications including Cambia, Sumavel, and Treximet, and made sure that we also have the basics in preventive, abortive, and rescue medications.

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    Don't see what you're looking for? If you're looking for a brand name medication, check the generic name as well. If you don't know the generic name, just put the brand name into an Internet search engine. You'll find the generic name in the search results. If a medication you use for Migraine is missing, and you'd like to have it added to the page, please cone back to this post and submit a comment. I'll do my best to add any medications you request.

    Check out our newly updated Migraine Drug Index Page.

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Published On: August 12, 2010