Migraines, Headaches, and Back to School 2010

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  • If your child has Migraines or headaches, they can present special circumstances and problems at school. It may seem that summer just began, but it's time to start planning for children and adolescents to head back to school.

    As moms ourselves, Nancy and I have been working to make sure we have information here to help you through this back-to-school season. Extra planning and putting our heads together to think about it certainly can't hurt. Check out these resources as you get your kids ready for school:

    Back to School with Migraines or Headaches
    Let's take a look at some of the prior preparations that need to be done before school starts and some tools to help you and your child. I've made a list of things that may need to be taken care of and some forms that may simplify things for you.

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    Handling School with Migraines and Other Chronic Illnesses
    School can go better for kids with Migraine or other illnesses when everyone takes their responsibilities seriously. Who is responsible for what? Nancy goes over all of this for us.


    Why Children with Migraines Often Need Special Care
    Download a letter to explain to others why your child with Migraines needs special care. In fact, you may want to print copies of the article as well.


    Making Teen School Years Manageable with Migraines and Headaches
    Tips for getting your teens ready for school when they have Migraine or other headache disorders.


    Does Harry Potter Have Migraines?
    Are the headaches that originate in Harry Potter's scar really Migraines?  Teri Robert interviews Dr. Fred Sheftell, one of the authors of an article in Headache, “Harry Potter and the Curse of Headache.” This article won't really help you prepare for school, but it's fun!

    Do YOU have tips for getting ready for going back to school? If so, please click the "Add Comment" link below, and share them!

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Published On: August 16, 2010