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  • When dealing with Migraine disease and other headache disorders, there's no doubt that having as much information as posslbe is essential. Knowledge is, after all, power.

    One of our top goals on MyMigraineConnection is to provide you with the information you need to work with your doctors as treatment partners toward the common goal of effective management regimen.

    We have a lot of content on our site, in a lot of different forms:

    • "regular" articles,
    • tips for living well,
    • videos,
    • podcasts,
    • quizzes,
    • workbooks and forms,
    • SharePosts,
    • and more.

    I know it can be hard to find what you need, especially when you don't feel well. When I have a Migraine, looking for information can drive me up a wall. SO, I've created a master content index for all of us. The first page lists the different types of content we have and leads to an index page for each of them. There's also an "Everything Migraine" index page that lists everything in alphabetical order.

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    On the longer pages, there's a lot to scroll through, so allow me to share a little tip about finding things on web pages. If you hit the Control and F (for find) keys at the same time, a little search bar will come up on your browser. You can then type a word or phrase into the box and search the page you're on. With Internet Explorer and Safari, the browser search bar opens at the top, under the main browser bar. In Firefox, it opens at the bottom, just above the bottom browser bar.

    I hope you find this new content indes helpful. Please feel free to comment on it by clicking the "Add Comment" link below this post.

    Check out our new Migraine Content Index.

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