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  • Migraine Matters. That's the theme for Migraine Awareness Week 2010 in the UK, an event Migraineurs the world over can and should observe because...


    awareness ANYwhere
    benefits us all EVERYwhere

    In the UK:

    • 1 in 7 people suffer from the condition, that’s over 8 million people in the UK alone (37 million in the U.S.).

    • An estimated 25 million days are lost from work or school every year because of Migraine.

    In the US:

    • Migraine alone is the 12th most disabling disorder in the country.

    • 28% of workday Migraines resulted in absenteeism.

    • 11% of workday Migraines resulted in a full day of work lost, 5% led to a late arrival, 12% led to leaving work early.

    • Headache disorders cause more than 1 percent of all disability and 9 percent of all lost labor in the US every year.

    • Headache disorders are the most prevalent neurological disorders, affecting more than 90% of all Americans.

    • The annual direct and indirect economic costs of headache disorders exceed $31 billion.


    • Migraine affects 8% of men, 18% of women.

    • More people have Migraine than diabetes, epilepsy and asthma combined.

    • The World Health Organization has listed Migraine in the 20 most disabling conditions.

    The Migraine Trust has special events scheduled for Awareness Week, including:

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    • The Adidas Women's 5K Challenge
    • Migraine and Headache - an information event with leading Migraine experts

    No matter where we live, we can help raise awareness by helping the Migraine trust spread the word and promote their events. For information on these events and ways we can help, please visit their Migraine Matters information page.


    Migraine Action in the UK is also observing awareness week with emphasis on Migraine in the workplace. More information HERE.

    You can also find information on the Migraine Association of Ireland's site, HERE.

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