Goodnighties Sleepwear and Migraine: Product Review

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  • Migraines strike us in many ways. There's more to a Migraine attack than the headache. In fact, for a diagnosis of Migraine, symptoms other than headache are necessary. There are many potential symptoms of Migraine.

    One symptom that I find especially bothersome is chilling, then feeling overheated. One minute, I'll be huddling under the covers; the next, I'm throwing off all the covers and feeling hot and sticky. A few months ago, Karen Lee Richards, who writes for our sister site, told me about a new kind of sleepwear she had tried. She had thought of me because she knows that Migraines can make us so miserable. This led to my testing a nightgown made by Goodnighties.

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    About Goodnighties® and the fabric:

    The manufacturers call this line of sleepwear "recovery sleepwear." Goodnighties® sleepwear is made from a fabric called IonX®...

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    Want to try Goodnighties yourself, free? If so, after you read the review, come back here, click the add comment link below, and tell me how to wash Goodnighties and how long you've had Migraines. The first person to respond will receive a free gown or pair of pajamas. Thanks for your interest! The Goodnightie has been given away. Keep watching. I'll do more give-aways as I can.



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Published On: August 30, 2010