Light a Candle for Troubled Migraine Sufferers

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  • Nancy and I have both written about Migraines and suicide recently, not because we wanted or liked to, but because we felt it was necessary.

    Nobody likes to discuss suicide. It's one of those words that we tend to whisper or lower our voices when we speak it. Just as there's a stigma attached to Migraine, there's a stigma attacked to suicidal thoughts, sometimes called suicidal ideation. In some ways, the terminology can add to the stigma. A few years ago, a mental health patient advocate pointed out to me that the phrase "committed suicide" sounded as if we were discussing a crime, adding to the stigma. Even though it was a short conversation with a person I'd never met before and haven't seen since, her point has stayed with me.

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    As Nancy wrote in Migraine and Suicide Prevention, this is Suicide Prevention Week, and Friday is World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD). When a person takes their own life or considering suicide, we all feel helpless. We don't know what to do. That's a very "normal" feeling. It's such a prevalent feeling that the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) has developed an activity for those who want to participate meaningfully in National Suicide Prevention Day, but can't attend the planned events and activities that are occurring.

    This year they're starting a new activity that anyone can do in support of WSPD, suicide prevention and awareness, survivors of suicide and for the memory of loved lost ones. It is called Light a Candle on World Suicide Prevention Day at 8 PM.

    I'm going to be lighting a candle, and I hope you will to. Would you please do something for me? Please share this post with everyone you can? There are buttons near the top of this page for sharing it on Facebook and Twitter and a Facebook recommend button. Help me get the word out.

    For more inforamtion on World Suicide Prevention Day, visit the IASP site.

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