New Discovery: Migraines and the KCNK18 Gene

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  • Researchers have identified a gene mutation that could impact triggering Migraines and provide a direction for developing new treatments.

    Using DNA samples from multiple generations of a large family with Migraine with aura, the researchers were able to identify the mutation on a gene known as KCNK18 or TRESK that was common to the members of the family. It's believed that this mutation alters the electrical activity in certain brain cells. When this gene doesn't work as it should, Migraine triggers can more easily bring on a Migraine attack. The study's lead author, Ron Lafreniere, said,

    "When we tested everyone in the family, all those who suffered from migraines also had the mutation."

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    Find out more about this discovery in my new article, New Discovery: Migraines and the KCNK18 Gene.

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    Last updated October 11, 2010

Published On: October 11, 2010