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  • There seem to be three main reasons we hit the internet looking for Migraine and headache information:

    • to get more information about our Migraines and / or headaches;
    • to get support from people who have similar experiences and understand how we feel;
    • and for validation. To know that we're not alone, and we're not "crazy," that it's not "all in our heads."

    Keeping up with what's new online isn't easy, for several reasons:

    • When we don't feel well, it's just too hard to sit at our computers and search for what we need.
    • When we do feel well, we have many other things that need to be done.
    • It can be quite difficult to tell the good sites from the bad.

    One way to keep up and find valuable web sites and blogs is with email newsletters. When you subscribe to newsletters that are published by people you trust, you know the information and links in them are going to be worth your time to take a look at.

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    MyMigraineConnection offers a free email newsletter that has two editions:

    • Our News & Views newsletter goes out weekly, on Tuesdays. This edition is reserved for Migraine and other health news.
    • Our Share & Support newsletter goes out monthly, on the first Thursday of the month. This newsletter has links to Migraine and headache information on MyMigraineConnection, member SharePosts, Q & A, and more.

    There's a link to subscribe to the MyMigraineConnection newsletter in the navigation bar near the top of each site page.

    Would you like a newsletter that shares the new information on MyMigraineConnection AND other sites and blogs every week?


    My free Putting Our Heads Together email newsletter goes out every Monday. It contains:

    • Links to articles about Migraine and headache news -- research, treatments, and more.
    • Links to relevant content on,, and other sites and blogs.
    • Updates about nonprofit organizations including the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy, American Headache Society, the Migraine Research Foundation, the National Headache Foundation, and more.
    • Information about advocacy efforts and opportunities.
    • A review of the basics about a particular type of Migraine or headache disorder.
    • Quizzes, tools, helpful tips.
    • More!

    You can subscribe to the Putting Our Heads Together newsletter by entering your name and email address in the box below. Please know that I own the mailing list for the Putting Our Heads Together newsletter, and it will NEVER be shared with anyone else. Your privacy is very important, and I understand that.


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