A Holiday Gift for My Migraine Family

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  • I don't have to tell you that people with Migraines need not only treatment, but support as well. All of you know that.

    The winter holiday season and the approach of a new year always cause me to think about the year that's coming to a close, the events of the year, and the people who have been important to me during the year. That's where you come in because you've become members of my extended family, my "Migraine family." Your emails, comments to my posts, forum messages, Facebook messages, and other communications are an integral part of my support system.

    As I was looking at my holiday gift list, there was an entry for my Migraine family. But, how on earth was I going to give you a gift? That started me thinking about what all of us need, and at the top of that list is increased Migraine research funding. You probably remember the times I've asked you to send email to Congress about NIH funding. In May, I was able to report to you about a meeting with NIH officials that I attended. Progress is slow on that front, but we are seeing some. (For more about the May meeting, see Migraine Research Funding - An Important Step.) If you've been reading my posts very long, you may have deduced that I'm not a patient person. I want more research funding NOW!

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    So, my gift to you has two parts:

    • I set up a project to encourage people to make donations to the Migraine Research Foundation. There are other nonprofit organizations that fund Migraine research too, but I had to choose one for this project. A new web site called Crowdrise is structured to allow people to set up fundraising projects with the funds raised going to a specified organization. The project I started is Dollars for Migraine Research. Now that I've set up the project, I hope you'll become a member of Crowdrise (membership is free) and spread the word about the project. It really is true that every dollar counts, so every person who can donate even a few dollars IS making a difference.
    • To start the project off with some funding for Migraine research, I made a donation and noted that it's a holiday gift to all my online Migraine friends.

    Whatever holidays you may be celebrating, I fervently hope that you get some pain-free time to enjoy the season. Let's look forward to the new year with hope in our hearts. We cannot give up. We cannot let this disease beat us.

    You're in my thoughts. Happy holidays to each and every one of you.

    Live well,


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Published On: December 23, 2010