Cluster Headaches, Oxygen, and Bureaucratic Stupidity

Teri Robert @trobert Health Guide
  • Anthony Amabile is a cluster headache sufferer from New Castle, Pennsylvania. Not too long ago, I shared with you a video he'd made of a bad cluster headache attack.


    Anthony has now made another video showing the use of oxygen to abort a cluster attack. It works well for him and for many cluster sufferers. The problem? Medicare and Medicaid will not pay for the oxygen! They'll pay for opioids, which don't work as quickly, often do nothing, and could complicate matters by causing medication overuse headaches, but they won't pay for oxygen. 


    Here is Anthony's video about using oxygen for cluster headaches:

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    Here is a video with a question from Anthony:




    Once again, medical decisions are being taken out of the hands of patients and doctors. This time, it's not insurance companies creating the problem, but the U.S. government. Sigh.


Published On: August 27, 2007