Can media coverage hinder health? An example.

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  • As some of you may know, I also write a bit on our depression site, MyDepressionConnection. Today, it came to our attention that actor Owen Wilson has been hospitalized. The media are having a hay day speculating and quoting their various "close" sources.


    Since so many Migraineurs are impacted by depression, and both Migraine and depression are misunderstood, invisible illnesses that can impact us so significantly, you may well find the SharePost I wrote in MyDepressionConnection interesting...

      There are days when, as a health reporter, I'm ashamed to be considered a member of the "media." Today is one of them.


      The news is ripe (and pungent) with coverage of Owen Wilson's hospitalization. The Associated Press reports that he was taken by ambulance from his Santa Monica home "for unspecified reasons." Fox News, however quotes a source "close" to Wilson as saying "that the actor did indeed attempt suicide over the weekend, saying Wilson has been depressed for the last few months." As I write this, our local noon news broadcast has just ended, and "Inside Edition" has just started. Their first headline? "Owen Wilson, the mystery over his emergency hospitalization -- Was it a suicide attempt?"...

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Published On: August 28, 2007