Healthy Monday for Migraineurs: Cook with your refrigerator!

Teri Robert @trobert Health Guide
  • We've learned that Migraine disease increases our risk of stroke, that Migraine with aura is linked to cardiovascular disease in women, and that Migraine is also linked to cardiovascular disease in men.


    The increased risks aren't reason to panic, but they are good reasons to talk with our doctors about ways to reduce all of our risk factors.

    Here's an easy one...

    Here's an easy low-fat cooking technique! Refrigerate soups - prepared or homemade - before you eat them. That makes it easy to skim excess fat off the top before you reheat.

    Along the same lines, if you make chili or other dishes with ground beef, brown the beef, then pour it into a colander to allow as much fat as possible to drain off. Place some paper towels under the colander to keep the fat that drains off from clogging drains and making a mess.

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Published On: September 03, 2007