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  • It's Migraine poetry time again! The 2011 Putting Our Heads Together Migraine Poetry Contest is now open and accepting entries.

    Every year, I put together this poetry contest as an outlet for us. It's a great way to share our feelings about our Migraines, describe our Migraines, and another way to reach out to people who don't understand Migraine disease.

    You don't have to be an experienced poet to enter. In fact, one year, our first place poem was written by someone who had never, ever written poetry before.

    Here are some of the rules:

    • Subject must be headache or Migraine related, but may be metaphoric or abstract.

    • Form: Rhymed, free-verse, any form of poetry, but not prose.

    • Poetry must be original and written by you. Submission of poetry written by someone else will result in disqualification.

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    • All poems must be unpublished work, never before published anywhere.

    • Length: Maximum of 60 lines, no more than 80 characters per line (including spaces and punctuation). Please make special note of the 80 characters per line. This means LINES, not paragraphs.

    • Number of entries: Please limit entries to no more than three poems per person.

    • Age: Poems written by persons under 18 years of age must be submitted by a parent or legal guardian.

    • "Family-friendly" language required. No profanity or other potentially offensive language.

    • Deadline: Midnight, Tuesday, March 15, 2011. Submissions received after this date will be deleted.

    This year's contest judges will be our friends at the National Headache Foundation, Nancy Harris Bonk, and me.

    Are you ready to enter? Great. Go to the Rules and Submission Page!

    Good luck!


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