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    Some weeks, we accumulate quite a bit of new Migraine and headache material on MyMigraineConnection. I realize some of you don't feel well enough to look for it, and some of you are quite busy. So, each week, this post will highlight new information for you...

    Without further ado, here's some of the newest information we've published here for you:


    Migraine Meds Epidrin, Midrin Update 2/7/11
    As promised, I want to update you on the situation surrounding the Migraine abortive Medication Midrin and equivalent medications including Epidrin and those simply labeled isometheptene mucate / dichloralphenazone / acetaminophen...

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    Enter Our 2011 Migraine Poetry Contest Now
    It's Migraine poetry time again! The 2011 Putting Our Heads Together Migraine Poetry Contest is now open and accepting entries ...


    Young Athletes at Risk for Post Concussion Syndrome
    Researchers just released a study in the medical journal, Neurosurgery, revealing that teen athletes who have suffered two or more concussions may already show signs of post concussion syndrome


    Migraine Question of the Week, 2/2/11
    This week's question: What over-the-counter meds work?




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    That's it for this week. I'll be doing an update weekly to keep you up-to-date on the newest information on our site.

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