Need to show someone what a Migraine is like?

Teri Robert @trobert Health Guide
  • How many times have we said, "I wish everyone could have just one Migraine so they'd know what it's like and start to understand?"


    I know I've said it myself, and I've heard it from so many Migraineurs who are desperate for family, friends, or coworkers to just understand what a Migraine does to us. Words are inadequate to explain the pain, nausea, extreme light sensitivity, and other symptoms of a Migraine attack. Even the most understanding and sensitive people simply don't know what a Migraine is like.


    Now there's a Web site that can help. MindOverMigraine is meant to help people better understand the truly disabling effects of Migraine through information and great video.

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    • Maggie's World let's visitors see first-hand the impact Migraine has on Maggie's ability to complete simple daily tasks both at home and at work.
    • Christina's World shows viewers how she copes with Migraines.

    To give you a sneak preview, here is Maggie's World. Watch the details carefully. I know you'll recognize yourself there...



    Content on MindOverMigraine includes:

    • tips on communicating with doctors,
    • information about treatment options and holistic strategies,
    • Migraine-friendly recipes,
    • and Migraine facts and statistics.

    Although MindOverMigraine is produced by a pharmaceutical company, you'll find no "sales pitch" there, just good information and videos that may help us show others what Migraines are like.


    Like what you see? Visit for more!





    While I'm telling you about Web sites, here's one some of you may want to recommend to your doctors if you're taking or considering taking Topamax for Migraine or headache prevention.


    From what patients are telling me, it seems that some doctors aren't aware of the recommended dosage and titration to be used when prescribing Topamax for Migraine and headache. Topamax360 was designed to provide doctors with information, updates, and other tools. If you think your doctor could use more information, please refer him or her to

Published On: September 08, 2007