Migraine clobbered me today

Teri Robert @trobert Health Guide
  • Some of you will recongize this ticker from my forum posts...


    1 month, 3 weeks, 5 days since last Migraine. That's a dream come true. There was a time when I considered myself extremely fortunate if I got just the 5 days between Migraine.


    Today, a weather front moving through gave me a swift kick in the head. I haven't had a Migraine this severe for probably a year. When I got up this morning, I immediately noticed a moderate Migraine and took an Axert tablet. Unfortunately, it was too late. Even as I took the Axert, my Migraine was growning -- too quickly to control it.


    I grabbed my injectable rescue meds, two syringes, and two alcohol pads. Then I handed them all to my unsuspecting husband, and it was all I could do to say, "Help," and lie down across our bed so he could give me the injections. He gave me the injections, and I concentrated on deep breathing until I fell asleep.

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    Now I'm awake and pain-free. Prodromey, but pain-free. I wanted to share this for several reasons:

    • to let those of you who haven't found effective treatments yet know that there's hope.
    • as a comment about some of the treatments that are touted as "cures" for Migraine. They're not. They often have testimonials in which people talk about not having had a Migraine since they started the treatment. If the testimonials are genuine, they still don't prove a cure.
    • to show that, even though there's no cure for Migraine disease yet, a good preventive regimen can be the next best thing.
    • and to indulge myself in an ever so brief pity party for losing a day to Migraine.

     I lost a day and have reset my ticker. No biggie.Cool


    The generally long periods of time between my Migraines are the result of working with a Migraine specialist to refine my preventive regimen. You can see my current regimen HERE.

Published On: September 11, 2007