Marcia Cross on Life and Migraines

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  • Marcia Cross Migraines Marcia Cross is enjoying life, marriage, and a successful career as an actress. These days, she's possibly most recognizable as Bree Van De Kamp on "Desperate Housewives."

    Marcia is also a Migraineur. You may also have seen her in a television commercial, encouraging you to see a doctor for diagnosis if you have "frequent bad headaches." Marcia was kind enough to spend some time talking with me about Migraine disease, how she handles her Migraines, and why she thinks it's important to be properly diagnosed and treated. Since she was also kind enough to allow me to record that conversation, I can share it with you verbatim.

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      ROBERT: Good morning. Thank you for setting aside the time to talk with me, Miss Cross.

      CROSS: Oh, sure.

      ROBERT: I also want to thank you for being willing to share your experiences with Migraine disease. It has to be hard enough to retain your privacy given your celebrity status, but it helps so much when well known public figures are willing to speak out as you are.

      CROSS: You're welcome. You know it's a good thing and hopefully it's done some good.

      ROBERT: Something quite a few of my readers have wondered about is how frequently you have Migraine attacks.

      CROSS: I've been really lucky lately. I haven't had any since I've been pregnant. So I probably won't a doctor told me who actually knows a lot about Migraines. It doesn't mean I won't on the other end. I feel like I've gotten them down to really minimal, three to four a year. So I'm really doing well, which was not the case in the beginning. It was much more frequently, and I'm sure it would be if I hadn't changed my lifestyle. I really watch stress, and my trigger foods, and all the things I need to do to stay Migraine-free. I just cannot stand that pain. For me, I just have to go home and get in a dark room and wait for it to pass. But waiting for it to pass still involves some pain...

    Interviewing Ms. Cross was interesting and great fun. She's not doing this to promote a product, but to promote getting diagnosed and living better.


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    The generally long periods of time between my Migraines are the result of working with a Migraine specialist to refine my preventive regimen. You can see my current regimen HERE.

Published On: September 15, 2007