Putting Our Heads Together 2011 Migraine Poetry Contest Winners

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  • Each year, the Putting Our Heads Together Migraine Poetry Contest is held to give people with Migraines and other headache disorders an opportunity to creatively express themselves about Migraines and headaches. In addition to being an outlet for creative expression, the poetry helps show others what it's like to live with these disorders.


    As in other years, there were lots of great entries this year, including several from young poets. They were quite inspiring. Some moved me to tears; others made me laugh; all made me think.


    All of the poems entered in the contest are permanently showcased on my personal site, HelpForHeadaches.com. Here's a list of the top placing poems:

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    1st Place
    A Parent's Lament by Sandra Jaspen Hughes


    2nd Place
    Fire and Ice by Laura Merleau


    3rd Place
    Wednesday by Juliette Guarino


    4th Place
    Volcanic Collapse by Patricia Frolander


    5th Place
    Someday by Dave W.


    6th Place
    Forced Entry by Laura K. Patterson


    Honorable Mention:

    Alice by Kala Guidry

    The Battle by Diana Van de Kamp

    A Billion Particles of Light in the Migraine Brain by Laurel Marie Sobol

    Brain Freeze by Zaina Sukkarieh

    Careful by Darlene Blair

    Crippling by Navarro

    The Dance and Cry by Christopher Aaron Chapman

    Headache by Kathryn Burkett

    Headache by Jacob Oet

    How a Snake Made My Headache by Stella Lalicata

    How Nice to Have a Friend by Carol H. Jewell

    I am pain by by Zev J. Meyers

    Invisible by Cindy Smalletz

    kNōw by Kimberley Formosa

    Migraine by Jackie Feffer

    My Headache by Joy Lalicata

    My Last Migraine by Cindy Smalletz

    The Obligation by Kathy B. Swann

    The People Who Don't Care by Brenna Gray

    A So-Called Life by Janice

    There Is Nothing I Can Do by Brenna Gray

    Thief in the Night by Darlene Blair

    Uninvited Guest by Joanna Barker

    Untitled by Janice

    You can check out all of the poems that were entered and met the rules of the contest on HelpforHeadaches.com from the links on our Winners Page.

    My sincere thanks go to all who entered, and congratulations to all of the contest winners!

    Live well,





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Published On: April 25, 2011