Lobbying and Learning about Migraine in Washington

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  • Monday, Nancy and I are off to Washington, DC, on Migraine business. The Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy is headed to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to talk with our Senators and members of the House about the need for better Migraine and headache treatment.


    We'll be starting with a meeting on Tuesday to "train" everyone who will be making Hill visits. As in previous years, we have quite a few doctors and researchers attending. This year, we'll also have more patient advocates attending. It promises to be an interesting couple of days, and I'll tell you more about it when I return.


    After Headache on the Hill, we'll be staying several days for the American Headache Society's 54th Annual Scientific Meeting. This is one of the medical conferences we attend to continue learning about Migraine so we can then share the information with all of you. These are the same conferences doctors attend for continuing medical education, so they can be pretty intense. A few of the topics are:

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    • The Role of the Thalamus in Migraine
    • Is Detoxification for Medication Overuse Headache Necessary?
    • Migraine and Genetics
    • The Prodrome Phase of Migraine

    Below are some photos I've taken at previous Headache on the Hill events. Enjoy!


    The Capitol


    The Supreme Court


    Inside the Hart Senate Office Building


    The Rayburn House Office Building


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Published On: May 28, 2011