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  • All of us know how badly more Migraine research is needed. We not only need research into new treatments, we still need more basic research into the cause and pathophysiology of Migraine disease. This is the kind of research that's needed before new types of treatments can be developed.


    We also know that we can no longer depend on government and pharmaceutical company funding to provide all the research that's needed. It's just not happening. That's where the Migraine Research Foundation (MRF) comes in. The MRF exists to fund innovative research to further the understanding of the causes and mechanisms of Migraine, to develop improved treatments for sufferers, and to find the cure.

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    For the second year, the MRF is holding the Door to the Cure Sweepstakes with all proceeds going directly to its pioneering research program investigating the causes and better treatments of migraine disease. Featuring amazing prizes for just $10 and $25 a chance, the event makes use of social media and the internet to appeal to MRF's wide-ranging community across the nation. It's important to note that all MRF operating costs are underwritten, so every dollar raised goes directly to vital Migraine research.


    You can buy as many chances as you like – tickets are just $10 and $25. Since each prize is a separate drawing, the more tickets you get, the better your chance of winning! This year's prizes include:

    • SpaRitual Body Products: A fabulous bag off assorted organic vegan beauty products. valued at $500.
    • Golf Twosome: Lunch and golf with the MRF Chairman and a PGA pro at Mahopac Golf Course, valued at $600.
    • Nintendo Wii System: A Nintendo Wii gaming systme, valued at $200.
    • iPod: An Applie iPod Touch, 8BG (4th generation), valued at $230.
    • Gucci Women's Sunglasses: Two pairs - 1 tortoise (Rx0able), 1 black (gradient lenses), valued at $620.
    • More!!

    To check out the prizes and buy tickets, visit the sweepstakes page.


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