Dealing with Those Summer Migraines

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  • Summer is usually thought to be an enjoyable time of year, but Migraines can definitely derail our plans and keep us from enjoying summer as much.


    Fortunately, some summer triggers are avoidable - IF we know what they are and watch out for them. For me, summer means that I have to be careful not to get dehydrated, be especially vigilant about having sunglasses with me when I go out, and not stay in the sun very long. I can still enjoy a picnic or go to a theme park with our grandchildren as long as I'm careful and remember to take care of myself.


    Here's some information that can help you enjoy your summer, despite Migraines:

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    Do you have certain Migraine triggers that are worse in the summer? Do you have tips for avoiding or lessening the impact of summer Migraines? Please click the comment link below and share with us!


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Published On: July 06, 2011