Should We Elect a President with Migraines or Other Illnesses?

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  • Recent discussions about Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann's Migraines made me stop and think about several issues.


    They raises a question that I'd like discuss with you...

    Are there illnesses or conditions that should keep someone from serving as President of the United States?

    There have been many Presidents who had health issues, some of which we knew little or nothing about until they left office. Here are a few examples:

    • Thomas Jefferson had Migraines, depression, and rheumatism, and other health issues.
    • Franklin D. Roosevelt had polio, hypertension, hemorrhoids, anemia, atherosclerosis, cardiomyopathy, angina, cholecystitis, cerebral hemorrhage, and other conditions.
    • Dwight Eisenhower had arthritis, Crohn's disease, anxiety, depression, bowel obstruction, stroke, cholecystitis, prostatic hyperthropy, and heart disease.
    • John F. Kennedy (pictured above in the oval office) had Migraines, bronchitis, jaundice, colitis, osteoporosis, back aches, Addison disease, and more.


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    Many people consider the men listed above to have been among our best Presidents, yet each of them had health issues, some of them quite serious.


    So, on to our discussion question...

    Putting aside all other issues - a candidate's other qualifications for office, political party affiliation, personal issues - thinking only about health issues, are there any conditions that should preclude someone from serving as President?

    Please vote in the poll to your right. --->


    After you've voted in the poll, please click the "Add Comment" link below and comment on why you voted as you did or if you think that no health conditions should keep someone from serving as President of the United States.





    "Presidential Diseases."


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    The Health of the President
    Should any of these conditions keep someone from serving as President of the United States?
    Multiple Sclerosis
    Bipolar Disorder
    Heart Disease
    Chronic Pain
    High Blood Pressure

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Published On: August 01, 2011