12 Tips for Living Well with Migraines - Time Flies!

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  • Migraines are thieves. They rob us of time, which always seems to pass too quickly anyway.


    It's hard to believe that the year is three-quarters over already. We're headed into the three months of the year that tend to be the most difficult for many Migraineurs. In the coming weeks and months, I'll be sharing information with you to help you through the cold weather and winter holidays.


    Before we go there, however, I want to remind everyone that there are many things we can do to help ourselves all year long. You may have seen some of the new slideshows that Health Central has introduced. One of them is based on my 12 Tips for Living Well with Migraines. If you've never seen these tips, I hope you'll take a few minutes to take a look. If you have, a refresher can't hurt!

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    Take a look at 12 Tips for Living Well with Migraines.


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Published On: September 28, 2011