Sean "P. Diddy" Combs Rushed to ER with Migraine

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  • Rapper and music producer Sean "P. Diddy" Combs  was rushed to the UCLA emergency room by some of his staff members on Monday morning with what he later described as a "crazy Migraine."


    His ER visit followed a pre-Grammy Awards party in Beverly Hills on Saturday hosted by Clive Davis as well as a party that Combs hosted at the Playboy Mansion following the Grammy Awards.


    Combs was also among others in the music world who were mourning Whitney Houston's death. He told reporters:

    "Whenever you saw Whitney, she hit you with that beautiful smile... If we truly believe in God, then we should celebrate the life of Whitney Houston tonight."3

    Combs was treated in the emergency department and released. Later in the day, he was posting on Twitter to thank his fans for their support and let them know he was getting better. He Tweeted:

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    "Thanks for all the twitter love! I'm fine. I just had the craziest Migraine. I'm just sleeping it off now. Thank you. Love yall."2

    Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of his Migraine was the stigma, misunderstanding, and just plain ignorance and cruelty that showed up in the comments on some of the articles about this episode. Sadly, some were even from other Migraineurs. Here are just a couple:1

    • "A migraine? A MIGRAINE? Please I had migraines most of my life. Take 3 Iburprofen - close your drapes - close your eyes - and LAY DOWN IN BED for a couple hours. Quit being such a wuss and running to the hospital - grown up idiot and deal with it like a MAN..."
    • "If the migrane matched the size of his head and ego, no wonder he had to go to the ER for a headache!"


    The person who posted the first comment needs to learn a lesson. She seems to think being a Migraineur gives her the right to say hurtful and ignorant things. It doesn't.


    Some people get all help they need from a couple of ibuprofen and lying down for a couple of hours. Then there are the rest of us. I'd might as well swallow a couple of breath mints as take ibuprofen for a Migraine because it does me no good whatsoever. And, there are many people who share my situation.


    For years, I've said I'd never wish a severe Migraine on anyone. But, I have to confess that situations such as this one and seeing such cruel comment so carelessly thrown around have changed my mind. For people who make that type of comment - Yes, I'd like for you to have a severe Migraine just once so you'd see what it's like. The only thing that would make it better for me would be there to see it and, as I hand you bottle of ibuprofen, tell you, "Quit being such a wuss. Deal with it like a MAN."


    Migraines are difficult enough to deal with. None of us needs the added pressure of the public misunderstanding of the disease and the stigma of it. When you hear of someone having a Migraine, whether it's someone famous or your neighbor, please stop and think before you make sarcastic and possibly cruel comments. If it's online, please stop and think two or three times. It's so much easier to be glib and sarcastic when we're not looking someone in the face, but our words can be just as hurtful.


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    Some of us who are inolved in Migraine advocacy often bemoan the fact that we don't have a big-name celebrity to stick with us year after year as our spokesperson. Behavior such ask this make me stop wondering. It also makes me crazy. Who would volunteer for this abuse?




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