Migraine Prodrome - 14 Symptoms

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  • If you were feeling exceptionally irritable, would it occur to you that you could be in the beginning phase of a Migraine attack? It's entirely possible.


    A Migraine attack can be comprised of up to four phases:

    1. prodrome,
    2. aura,
    3. headache, and
    4. postdrome.

    All the phases aren't experienced by all Migraineurs, and an individual Migraineur's Migraines can vary. They can experience different phases during different attacks.


    The prodrome is the first potential phase of a Migraine. Many Migraineurs who thought they didn't experience prodrome, when they worked to become more aware of their bodies, discovered that they did indeed experience prodrome.

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    The prodrome phase can begin days before the headache phase strikes and can be a helpful warning of what's to come. Knowing that a Migraine is beginning can allow us to be sure we have our medications handy, get home if we're out, and otherwise prepare ourselves.


    For more information about the potential symptoms of the Migraine prodrome, check out our new slideshow, 14 Migraine Prodrome Symptoms.


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Published On: March 14, 2012