6 Indulgences for Moms with Migraines

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  • Are you a Mom with Migraines? Does your Mom have Migraines? Motherhood and Migraines is a tough combination. Living with Migraines is difficult for anyone, but it can be especially difficult for mothers because so many people depend on them, so when they're down with a Migraine, they have not only all the mayhem to contend with, but often feel guilty on top of it.


    It's natural that Moms put their families first. That's just what Moms do. With Mother's Day coming up this weekend, though, I wanted to think of some simple things that Mom's can do for themselves, some simple indulgences that only take a bit of time and cost little or nothing.

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    I came up with six indulgences for Moms with Migraines. If you're a Mom, I hope you'll try some of them. If your Mom has Migraines, you can help her get some time to herself and encourage her to do some of these things for herself.


    You can find my suggestions in 6 Indulgences for Moms with Migraines.


    When you're finished, please come back here and comment with your own suggestions for more indulgences for Moms with Migraines.


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Published On: May 09, 2012