Announcing Our 2012 Migraine Poetry Contest Winners!

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  • Today is a fun day because I get to announce the winners of this year's Putting Our Heads Together Migraine Poetry Contest.


    Judging the entries was a tough job because there were so many truly excellent poems. I want to thank Cathy Glaser of the Migraine Research Foundation and Dr. Seymour Diamond of the National Headache Foundation for their efforts in helping with the judging.


    Also, before disclosing the winners, I'd like to offer sincere thanks and congratulations to each and every person who entered the contest for a job very well done!


    Now in observance of National Migraine Awareness Month, here are the winners...

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    First Place:

    A Picture of Pain by Bear Peterson

    I tried to paint a picture,
    Of how I really feel.
    But I could not find the colors,
    To make it all seem real.
    Not one color was hot enough,
    To show the burning pain.
    Not one color bright enough,
    To make me wince again.
    Not one was dark enough,
    To show the isolation.
    In the end saw one thin line,
    Worn, frayed and almost broke,
    To my mind that one thin line,
    Is a single thread of hope.

    Second Place:

    Heading to Me - Ow by Jamie

    this isn't an aura,
    my cat
    went on a diet.


    I can only see
    of him
    he's thin.

    Third Place:

    Power Play by Laura K. Patterson

    He's nine, brimming happiness
    the afternoon is ours,
    destination Power Play.
    Through doors, darkness illuminates
    attractions glowing, strobing invitation.

    Weaving among shrieking children,
    he practically runs, I follow
    confusion taking over my senses,
    flashing arcade games,
    jarring bumper cars,
    pulsating laser tag,
    teetering rope walk.
    Ceiling spins, carpet dances,
    step becomes less sure.

    You arrive, finally
    ending tease to stay away,
    not confiscate our afternoon,
    char memories of a son's delight.
    Your camera after-flashes
    skip along edges of my vision,
    soon consume without boundary,
    bind a sickness to my throat,
    begging urge to hollow my stomach,
    protect my head from your entire grip.

    I sort through the flutter of your torment,
    find a bench, close my eyes,
    press my face into cold hands,

    "Go on ahead," I say to him.
    "Maybe later."

    You can find the rest of the winning poems and links to the other poems entered in the contest on the placing poems page.


    Live well,



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