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  • By now, I'm sure you've read about it, but just in case... June is National Migraine Awareness Month, and this year's theme is "help make Migraines more visible!"


    So far this month, I've shared several Awareness Month activities with you... the blogger's challenge, the upcoming NHF event, the poetry contest results, how to add a purple ribbon to your Facebook profile picture, and more. It's been a fairly busy month so far. What I've really missed though is hearing from YOU about Awareness Month.


    We all want to see more effective treatments, more Migraine and headache specialists, better public understanding and less stigma. None of that's going to happen without increased awareness and all of us pitching in to "help make Migraines more visible!"

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    Obviously, many of us have limitations on what we're able to do for advocacy and awareness. This disease severely limits what some of us can do, and I understand that. What we need to do is put our imaginations and creativity to work...


    In my single days, I didn't make much money, and it was always tough to have enough to by presents at Christmas. I kept a big jar in my closet, and when I came in every evening, I'd take the change out of my purse and put it in the jar. It was always amazing how much a few cents here and a few cents there could add up to. Awareness efforts are much the same. Every little bit done by every single person really adds up. It's all cumulative. We truly can make a huge difference by enlightening other people, one person at a time.


    So... could I have a bit of a soft drum roll here, please...

    I'm announcing a Migraine Awareness Month Contest!

    To enter:

    • Think of a way FOR INDIVIDUALS to raise awareness about Migraine that's simple enough that those with debilitating Migraines can participate.
    • Your suggestion should be something that costs nothing or very little to accomplish.
    • Post your suggestion in a comment to this post.
    • Post it by 11:59 p.m., eastern time on Saturday, June 30, 2012.
    • You must be a registered HealthCentral member to enter.
    • For your privacy and security, please do not put personal contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers in your comments. We will contact the member through your HealthCentral registration.
    • The picture at the right shows some of the items in the prize package of awareness items: a keychain, two tac pins, a small awareness ribbon teddy bear, a small awareness ribbon football, and an awareness ribbon charm.

    Ready... set... think and enter!

    Hint: Please remember that we're seeking suggestions that INDIVIDUALS can do ON THEIR OWN, FROM ANYWHERE, even if their Migraines are chronic and debilitating, NOT SOMETHING THEY BUY, and something that costs little or nothing - not big ad campaigns, etc.


    For more information related to National Migraine Awareness Month, see:

    Live well,

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