2012 Migraine Awareness Month Contest Winners

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  • Last month, during National Migraine Awareness Month, I posted a contest asking you to suggest ways for individuals to easily and at little or no cost raise awareness of Migraine - ways that are easy enough to be handled by every Migraineur.


    There weren't as many entries as I'd expected to see, but some of there were excellent! In fact, there were several entries that were so good that I had trouble choosing a single winner. For that reason, I'll be sending out the awareness item package I promised, plus some purple ribbon awareness pins.


    Here are the names of the winners and their suggestions:

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    • Top winner of the awareness item package:
      Melanie Jane
      How about changing our phone answering messages to include something brief and upbeat about June being Migraine Awareness Month? Something like,

      "Hi, this is MJ, I'm out spreading the news that June is Migraine Awareness Month, but I'll get back to you soon, so leave me a message!"

      Or, "Hi, this is MJ. It's June 14 and I'm inviting you to wear a purple ribbon along with me in support Migraine Awareness Month. Leave me a message!"
    • Winner of purple ribbon awareness pin:
      Include a Migraine related reference in signatures of emails and text messages.
    • Winner of purple ribbon awareness pin:
      My goal is for the purple ribbon to be instantly recognized as the one for Migraine and Headache Awareness. To that end, I have a purple ribbon magnet on my car and plan to get a lapel button as soon as I can. I'd love to see a small poster with the ribbon and relevant information made that could be framed and put in doctor's offices. I'd also like to see patient brochures on Migraines in doctor's offices with the purple ribbon on the cover. (Wouldn't it be great if each Migraineur would send brochures to just five doctors in their home city?) T-shirts, key chains, notepads and the like could all be great means of displaying our purple ribbon. This will obviously take a while, but for now, it is relatively simple for Migraineurs to buy simple purple ribbon and make a few ribbons with safety pins and distribute them to their doctor's office and friends. Let's make purple not only official but also visible!
    • Winner of purple ribbon awareness pin:
      Jessica Madore
      I think one way we can raise awareness is by sharing poetry, art, song, picture, photos, whatever we can do creatively that reflects our life with Migraine and make the effort to get one person interested in it and talking about it. Then asking them to pass along the "art" and continue the discussion with another person, we could make a difference in how most people see Migraine.
    • Winner of purple ribbon awareness pin:
      How about writing a short article or letter to the editor for your local newspaper about Migraine Awareness Month? This could reach a relatively large audience with minimal effort and no cost - and the possibility of it leading to more awareness activities in your community. Add in your own story to give it a personal connection. Also mention the activities being held during the month (with a URL for reference) and perhaps even some simple ideas that other Migraineurs in the community can do on their own to spread awareness. I love Teri's pennies in a jar analogy!

    My thanks for everyone for participating!


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