That Migraine Was Just Waiting!

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  • I just know Migraines lie in wait to strike at the worst possible times. Don't you?


    Earlier this week, John (dear hubby) and I went to Pittsburgh for a short, but really exciting, vacation. Our older son and his family live in Pittsburgh, and our younger son and his family live in Dallas. We don't get to see the Dallas contingent very often, and that means we have six grandchildren we don't see very often.


    We drove to Pittsburgh, checked into our hotel, then we all gathered at John Emry's (older son's) house. Oh, how wonderful it was to see everyone. The kids had grown so much! (And, yes, I know that's what grandparents always say.) Three of the six from Dallas are now taller than I am, which is new since the last time we saw them. All nine are very loving and not shy about giving "Granny" hugs and kisses.

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    After dinner, the kids scattered through the house, the adults were sitting around talking. The noise level in the house was monstrous. Just imagine - nine kids who hadn't been together in one place for quite some time. Two of them are teen boys whose voices have already changed, and they have big booming voices. Their voices were booming; little girl voices were shrieking. It wasn't long before I began feeling very sensitive to both light and sound and a bit nauseous. I immediately took a triptan, but it was too late.


    To cut to the chase, I started with dry heaves that just wouldn't stop. John Emry had driven us to his house since we can't drive after dark, so he drove us back with me dry heaving all the way. It just wouldn't stop. When we got back to the hotel, I got out my injectable rescue medications, and John gave me the injections. Thankfully, the medications worked. I slept through the night and felt much better the next day.


    What are your treatment options? If your standard treatment fails, do you have rescue options? If not, why not? If not for my rescue medications, I'd have ended up in the emergency room. If you don't have rescue options, it's well worth discussing with your doctor. You can read more in Preventive, Abortive, and Rescue Medications - What's the Difference?


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Published On: July 27, 2012