Headache On the Hill Update - Your Help and the Future

Teri Robert @trobert Health Guide
  • Many of you have asked to be kept up-to-date on Headache on the Hill. For those of you who don't know, a group of headache and Migraine specialists made a trip to DC in November to talk with Senators and members of the House about the dire need for an increase in NIH funding for basic headache and Migraine research.


    These dedicated doctors took a minimum of two days away from their busy practices and covered all their own expenses to go to bat for funding that is critical to better treatments and perhaps even an eventual cure for Migraine disease. Michael John Coleman of MAGNUM, Suzanne Simons of the NHF, and I were invited to join these doctors for the first annual Headache on the Hill initiative.

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    Dr. William B. Young of the Jefferson Headache Center and I have been asked to put together the grassroots patient part of this initiative. Early next year, we'll be asking all of you to email your Senators and members of the House regarding this issue. We're building a special Web site where you'll be able to easily and quickly put together powerful emails to send directly from the site.


    There are several major organizations endorsing this initiative -- The American Headache Society, the American Academy of Neurology, the International Headache Society, The NHF, MAGNUM, the World Health Organization, and others. We are forming a nonprofit group, the Alliance for Headache Advocacy, to continue with this work. This new group has no funding of it's own, and members are currently engaged in searching for corporate funding to cover the expenses of the software for emailing members of Congress and other necessities. That is where the majority of the funding will need to be obtained. Still, if you would like to make a small donation, you can click the "Donate" button below. That will take you to a page to donate to the American Headache Society. On the page that allows you to designate a purpose for your donation, please specify "Headache on the Hill." Believe me, every dollar counts and is greatly appreciated.



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Published On: October 28, 2007