Sandilands' Migraine - Accompanied by Disrespect and Stigma

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  • The lack of understanding and knowledge about Migraine and the stigma surrounding Migraine have raised their ugly heads in the celebrity world again.


    Radio host and Australia's Got Talent judge Kyle Sandilands was reported to have missed co-host Brian McFadden's wedding to Vogue Williams because of going out and partying too hard with other wedding guests the night before.


    Sandilands, on the other hand, commented:

    "I travelled and was up for 30 hours. I didn't go out the night before like everyone else did... I got a migraine on the day and just couldn't attend. Simple as that... That's my devil - those headaches. Can't do a thing about them. They come and they go at their own pace. But when I am pushing myself they come and knock me down."1

    He also commented that reports that he was to have been McFadden's best man were incorrect; that he was a member of the bridal party and scheduled to perform, but was not the best man.

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    News reports are mixed on the reactions of his friends, with some saying they're supportive of Sandilands, and others saying that his "Migraine excuses didn't was at the time - and still don't."2


    Many of us have said that we need a celebrity with Migraines to stand with us and advocate for better research funding, improved public awareness, and more. Every time I see a news story like this one, I can fully understand why celebrities want to steer clear of being our spokesperson.


    Kyle, if your friends aren't being supportive, dump their sorry butts. If that's the way they are, they're not truly your friends to begin with.





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Published On: September 12, 2012