Options for Non-Medicinal Migraine Relief

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  • Two of the most frequently asked questions about Migraine treatment are:

    1. What can I do for my Migraines if I don't want to take medications?
    2. How do I hold on while I'm waiting for my Migraine medications to kick in?

    To address both of these questions, I've put together a new slideshow for us that reviews options that can sometimes at least partially relieve some of our symptoms without any medication. They're all easy and inexpensive, and in addition to possibly relieving some of our symptoms, they're all relaxing.


    I hope you find this slideshow helpful. If you have tips for us about other non-medicinal Migraine relievers, after you view the slide show, please come back here and share it by leaving us a comment!

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    Check out Options for Non-Medicinal Migraine Relief.


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Published On: September 12, 2012