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  • Are you one of the many with Migraines who have been frustrated by the Excedrin Migraine recall?


    If so, you can breath a sigh of relief soon. Ten months after Novartis issued a voluntary recall for Excedrin Migraine and several of their other products, they say that Excedrin Migraine will be shipping again beginning next week, the week of October 15.


    In a statement, Norartis officials said they are:

    "...pleased to announce that Excedrin Migraine will ship to stores the week of October 15 and begin to appear on store shelves as soon as the end of October.  We anticipate that Excedrin Extra Strength will ship to stores in January 2013."

    Novartis will restart production at their manufacturing plant in Lincoln, Nebraska, on a product-by-product basis. As you may remember, the plant was shut down in January when it was discovered that some bottles of Excedrin contained tablets of other medications that were produced at the same plant.

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    During the time that Excedrin Migraine has been unavailable in stores, people who had supplies of it purchased before the recall took advantage of this situation and made exorbitant profits by selling it at shocking prices online, including on eBay. Checking back in July, I found it listed with asking prices as high as $139.99 for 100 tablets. When I looked, there were no bids on those listings, but there were bids on other listings as high as $40 for 100 tablets.


    Hopefully, Novartis will be able to meet their announced schedule, and things will return to "normal" for users of Excedrin Migraine and other Novartis products soon.





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Published On: October 08, 2012