Migraine Thoughts on a Sunday Afternoon

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  • It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon here in West Virginia, but as I look around online checking on others in the Migraine community, I see that many of us are having a tough time.


    The weather changes Sandy wrought triggered Migraines in state after state, and some of our community who live in the affected areas are still displaced from their homes, without power, or otherwise impacted by Sandy's aftermath.


    During times like these, it's hard to remain hopeful about managing our Migraines, yet that's exactly what we have to do. We have to keep working to identify and mange our Migraine triggers, and working with our doctors to do all we can to live as well as we can despite this disease.

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    During some of these tough days, I sometimes go back to the slideshows on our site looking for little things that might make a difference. I'm going to list those slideshows here for you. Maybe there are some you haven't see yet, or some you'd like to look through again. If you're not in the mood to look for little things to help with your Migraine management, maybe you could spend a bit of time building awareness on Facebook or Twitter? That's always helpful. Here are some of those slideshows:

    I know it's difficult, and I'm not going to insult anyone by saying it's not. There's nothing easy about it. There are still days when Migraines make me so angry and frustrated I feel like exploding. But hope is what I cling to... hope that my treatments will continue to work... hope that the next preventive medication I try will make things even better... hope that new treatments are on the horizon.


    In closing, I want to leave you with a quote about hope from my favorite poem...



    Live well,




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    Last updated November 4, 2012.

Published On: November 04, 2012