Shopping for and Spending Holiday Time with People with Migraines

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  • Are you trying to find holiday gifts for people with Migraines? If you are, are you having problems making choices?


    Shopping for Migraineurs can present special challenges because we (of course) want great gifts for everyone, but we don't want to give anyone a gift that will trigger a Migraine. That can complicate your shopping, but it doesn't have to make it more difficult. With some tips and reminders, you'll find that the Migraineurs in your life are still fun to shop for.


    We have a couple of slideshows on our site that will help you shop for those in your life who have Migraines and understand a bit better what they need to do to try to minimize their Migraines during the holidays:

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    By the way, in the first slideshow, there's a link to a gift certificate that you can print out, fill in, and give as a gift. It allows you to give someone a gift of your time. Sometimes, giving someone a few hours of babysitting, house cleaning, just having tea with them, or something similar can be the best gift they receive.


    Do you have suggestions for holiday gifts for people with Migraines? If you do, please post a comment and share it with us!


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Published On: December 05, 2012