My Holiday Gift for the Migraine and Headache Community

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  • What do you do when you want to give a special holiday gift to thousands and thousands of people with Migraines and headaches?


    That's the pleasant problem I face each year during the holidays. I want to give a very special gift to all the thousands of people in the online Migraine and headache community.


    Obviously, I can't give a physical gift to each of you, but I want to do something special to let each of you know that this community is very special to me. You've become extended family to me.


    At this point, I think my gift is becoming a tradition since this is the fourth year of going this direction for a gift. I've made donations in honor of the online Migraine and headache community. This year, those donations have been made to the American Migraine Foundation and Clusterbusters.

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    The American Migraine Foundation is making wonderful plans for a national awareness campaign and more research. Here's a copy of a letter they recently sent:


    Dear Colleague,


    In this holiday season, as migraine clinicians and researchers who have dedicated our careers to patients disabled with this disease, it's hard not to think of those who will suffer through the holidays and our obligation to contribute to alleviating this suffering. There is little doubt that among our holiday wishes as clinicians the top one is that this time next year we might be able to tell our patients that safer and dramatically more effective therapies are within reach, if not imminent.

    While some interesting and encouraging advances were unveiled at this past year's Scientific Sessions in Los Angeles, the fact is that the triptans represent the only specific class of medication designed and approved for migraine in the last half-century. We appear to be, at best, several years away from having newer treatments. It is well known that federal funding for migraine research has been woefully inadequate, and industry cannot make up the slack

    We can do better . . . we must do better. We have the brain trust to move this field forward - what we lack is the funding to do so. So it falls to us in the voluntary health sector to make the right amount of noise in the right way to raise the national funding priority for migraine.

    2013 promises to be an exciting year for AMF. We will launch a nationwide campaign to raise awareness and funding support for research. This campaign promises to mobilize the migraine community, public policymakers, well-known public figures, and American business to help us realize our goals. You will hear and see much more about this in the coming year and we hope you will be an active part of this unprecedented campaign. Our goals are to generate the highest possible national visibility for migraine and the need for more research funding -- and to inspire those who make funding decisions to give this disease the attention it deserves. If successful, we also hope to support the development of a national multicenter clinical registry and tissue bio-repository which has the promise of rapidly advance scientific and translational research. In addition, we will continue our quest to facilitate the development and success of academic headache centers around the United States. This will improve patient access to specialty care, facilitate the training of undergraduate and postgraduate medical trainees in the care of patients with disabling headache, and foster collaborative research efforts.


    Because you are so integral to our success, we are asking for a donation to AMF. As we near the end of the year, your support can make the critical difference. You can do it by visiting our website at or by mailing us a check at the address below.


    We thank you for your commitment to the field, our society, the foundation, and most importantly, your patients.

    We wish you the very best throughout this holiday season and a healthy and prosperous 2013.

    David W. Dodick, MD, FAHS
    Chair, American Migraine Foundation

    Elizabeth Loder, MD, MPH, FAHS
    President, American Headache Society


    PS -- Did you know you can redeem your American Express Membership Rewards points for a donation? For every 1,000 points you redeem, we will receive $10.00. Select the Members Give banner at the link above.


    Are you ready for the holidays? We're just about ready here. I'm hoping for an extra holiday present - that the Botox injections I got last week will work! Whatever holidays you may be celebrating, may they be joyful.


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