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  • Migraine management and living with Migraine disease can take quite a toll on us. How's that for an obvious statement?


    Over the years, I've found that my attitude about Migraines and whether I'm feeling positive or negative have had significant impact on my Migraine burden - the number of Migraines I have, the level of disability they inflict, and my overall attitude on life.


    As a result, I have a statement that I've printed and put on my bulletin board as a reminder to watch my Migratude. That statement is:

    Don't REact to Migraines. Be PROactive instead of REactive!

    Let me explain what I mean by that. My reactions to Migraines vary, as yours probably do as well. Those reactions can be frustration, anger, an impending sense of doom, feeling defeated, and more. The problem with those reactions is that they don't accomplish anything. In fact, if I just react, those reactions become counterproductive because they leave me so discouraged.

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    On the other hand, if I do something proactive toward improving my Migraine management, I find that it makes me feel better, more positive. Here are some examples of being proactive:

    • Reaching out to my Migraine specialist if the situation is one that we need to discuss so we can alter my treatment regimen.
    • Making sure my Migraine diary and notes for my Migraine specialist are up-to-date. This helps because I know it will eventually help us with my Migraine management.
    • Reading to learn more about Migraines - web sites, Migraine blogs, books, articles, etc.
    • Reaching out to other Migraineurs who need help and support. It helps to take my attention away from myself.

    This philosophy of being PROactive rather than REactive has helped me a great deal. It was the kick in the behind I needed to initially travel eight hours each direction to see a true Migraine specialist, and that was the best step I could possibly have taken to take control of my Migraines instead of them controlling me.


    It's your turn now. What thoughts and suggestions do you have about being proactive instead of reactive? What are some things we can do? Please post a comment below and share with us all.


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Published On: February 18, 2013