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  • Migraines impact nearly every aspect of our lives. Sometimes, certain aspects are outside of our control; but many - actually most - of them are within our control.


    One aspect of living with Migraine disease that can seem outside of our control is our health care and medical treatment. Not so! Let's take a good look at this because we really can be in control here, and that can make our lives so much better. . .


    One of the first things to take good, hard look at is whether the members of our medical team are the right ones for us. Migraines aren't just difficult to live with; they can be difficult to treat, especially if our doctors don't really understand Migraine and don't put in the work to stay up-to-date. Before I learned better, I assumed that neurologists were Migraine specialists. Not necessarily! Nor are all Migraine specialists neurologists. Here are some links to help with the issue of our medical team:

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    Even with the right medical team, there can be issues to work through. There aren't enough good doctors, let alone specialists, so we often feel that we don't get enough time when we see them. What we have to do with this situation is work those appointments! Here's some information on working our appointments to get the most out of them and make them fit our needs:

    Please think about this statement for a moment:

    Optimal health care can be achieved only when patients are educated about their health and patients and physicians work together as treatment partners in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

    That statement is the very foundation of my relationships with my doctors. Yes, I respect my doctors; but I don't respect them just because they're doctors. They have earned my respect, and I have earned theirs. We are truly partners. My doctors don't make decisions FOR me; they make decisions WITH me. I deserve doctors who will work with me in this fashion, and they deserve patients who are proactive and will work with them in this fashion.


    All of this is part of my Migratude. It's part of how my doctor and I have managed to get my chronic Migraines to revert to episodic Migraines again. It's part of how I cope with Migraines and keep my sanity when going through bad periods of time with them.


    Where are you with YOUR doctor and medical team? Are you controlling this aspect of your Migraine life? Do you have suggestions for achieving control? PLEASE post a comment below and share with us. This could be a great conversation for all of us. Smile


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