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  • Dr. Rob Cowan, the director of the Stanford Headache Clinic is taking questions on Migraine and other headache disorders today and tomorrow until 5 p.m., pacific time. Answers to selected questions will be posted on the Stanford blog, Scope.


    Dr. Cowan is a wonderful Migraine specialist, AND he's a Migraineur himself. He also goes to Headache on the Hill every year to advocate for Migraine and headache patients. Dr. Cowan is truly one of the "good guys."


    When submitting a question, please abide by the following:

    • Stay on topic.
    • Be respectful to the person answering your questions.
    • Be respectful to one another in submitting questions.
    • Do not monopolize the conversation or post the same question more than once.
    • Realize that Twitter handles and/or names may be used in the answers.

    You can submit your question by Tweeting it with the hashtag #AskSUMed or posting it as a comment to the blog entry Ask Stanford Med: Director of Stanford Headache Clinic taking questions on headache disorders.

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Published On: March 07, 2013