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  • Diet and nutrition impact everything about our bodies, including Migraines. The most obvious link is that some foods can be Migraine triggers. The often forgotten link is that a healthy body isn't as susceptible to Migraine triggers.


    Food triggers:


    Some of us find that certain foods and beverages are Migraine triggers for us; others have no food triggers. This is absolutely worth investigating since food triggers can be avoided, resulting in fewer Migraines.


    The best way to identify food triggers is with an elimination diet. To do this, you eliminate the list of potential trigger foods and beverages from your diet for a short period of time. Then, you add them back in, one food at a time, to see if they're triggers for you. To help with this we've developed an article with a free, downloadable workbook, Managing Migraines - Migraine Trigger Foods. It's important to know that foods and beverages may not trigger an immediate Migraine. The Migraine can occur up to 48 hours later.

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    A healthy body:


    Good nutrition is vital to a healthy body. When our bodies are less healthy, weaker, they're more likely to respond to Migraine triggers. There's also an issue if we have other health conditions affected by diet and nutrition. For example, missing meals isn't good for anyone, but for those with diabetes, eating properly is even more important. To avoid triggering a Migraine from blood glucose levels being too high or too low, it's recommended that meals and snacks be on a regular schedule. One research paper proposes that maintaining steady glucose levels can help reduce these triggers and the resultant Migraines.


    A nutritionally balanced diet and staying hydrated to avoid Migraines triggered by dehydration can improve our overall health as well as reducing the frequency and severity of our Migraines.


    A word about allergies:


    Some Migraineurs have asked about allergy testing to identify Migraine triggers - both food triggers and others. Certainly, treating allergies can improve our health, but the results of allergy testing don't always provide any information about Migraine triggers. People who have had allergy testing have sometimes identified Migraine triggers, but some people have tested as being allergic to things that are not triggers for them, and some have not tested as being allergic to things that are triggers for them. The bottom line is that allergy testing doesn't always produce any reliable information about Migraine triggers.


    Let's improve our Migratude!


    Learning about our food triggers and healthy nutrition is a positive step toward better health. Developing the attitude that it's important is vital if we're going to stick with a healthy regimen.


    All of this is part of our Migratude.





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