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  • Do you experience neck pain with your Migraines? Have you wondered if the neck pain is triggering the Migraines, or if the Migraines are causing the neck pain? This is a very common question for people who have both neck pain and Migraines.


    In the last few years, some key research has provided us with answers about Migraines and neck pain. Nausea is such a hallmark symptom of Migraine that the International Headache Society lists nausea as one of the defining symptoms of Migraine1, so it came as a surprise to some people when research showed that neck pain as a Migraine symptom is actually more frequently experienced than nausea.2 This validated anecdotal evidence from Migraineurs who reported neck pain as a symptom of their Migraines. For more on this, see Neck Pain as a Migraine Symptom.

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    Additional research involving Migraine and neck pain showed that Migraine treatment is associated in a delay in Migraine treatment.3 This research offered two possible reasons why Migraineurs with neck pain may delay their treatment rather than using it early in a Migraine attack:

    1. Migraineurs may not relate their neck pain to their Migraines.
    2. Migraineurs may have become so used to the neck pain that they tend to ignore it until its severity increases or the Migraine attack reaches the headache phase.

    You can read more about this in Migraine Treatment Delayed by Neck Pain.


    Continuing to learn about our Migraines or other headache disorders helps build our Migratude, which helps ease the burden of living with these disorders.


    For more about Migratude, see Living with and Managing Migraines - Exploring Our Migratude!





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