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  • Did you know that a Migraine attack can have up to four phases, each with many potential symptoms? One of the most interesting, yet least discussed phases of a Migraine attack is the prodrome.


    Migraine is a common disabling primary headache disorder. Epidemiological studies have documented its high prevalence and high socioeconomic and personal impacts. It is now ranked by the World Health Organization as number 19 among all diseases world-wide causing disability. The WHO Has also stated that a severe Migraine can be as debilitating as quadriplegia.


    What type of Migraines or headaches do you have? Are there types that you're interested in learning more about? Maybe you need information to help explain a type of headache or Migraine to someone else or want to review some of this information yourself.

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    We have a great deal of information on our site. We do our best to have the most up-to-date information, and it's reviewed by Dr. John Claude Krusz, a Migraine and headache specialist. Earlier in the week, I try to bring you new information, but I think we can often benefit from reviewing information to see if it's been updated or just to refresh our memories. So, beginning this week, Friday's will be Migraine Review Friday.


    Up Today - The Migraine Prodrome


    The first of four possible phases of a Migraine attack is the prodrome, which can begin a couple of days before the aura or headache phases. The prodrome can be valuable because it lets us prepare for a Migraine attack and be ready to treat as soon as possible. The prodrome can have symptoms that many of us have never considered to be part of our Migraines...


    You can find more information about the Migraine prodrome in:


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