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  • Good morning, everyone. I hope your Migraines and Headaches aren't treating you too badly today. To start out our week, I want to introduce you to our newest Migraine Health Guide - Ellen Schnakenberg.


    Ellen is no stranger to the Migraine community. She's been blogging and writing about Migraine, other Headache Disorders, and other health issues for quite some time. She's also been very involved in offering her support to all of us.


    As our newest Health Guide, Ellen will be writing shareposts, answering questions in our question and answer section, chatting with you and offering you information on our forum, and participating in our community all the way around. I know you're going to find Ellen to be very knowledgeable, supportive, and empathetic. She's has Chronic Migraine along with several comorbid health issues, so she can relate to all of us.

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    Rather than telling you more about Ellen, I'll point you toward her first sharepost as a Health Guide, Pleased to Become a Migraine HealthGuide at HealthCentral.


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Published On: June 17, 2013