Learning More about Migraines and Headaches - Off to Boston!

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  • Each June every year, I head off to the American Headache Society's (AHS) Annual Scientific Meeting for continuing education on Migraine and other Headache Disorders.


    This year, the AHS is joining with the International Headache Society (IHS) to host the International Headache Congress, an event held every two years, and not all that often held in the United States. Ellen is going with me, and we'll have the opportunity to learn side-by-side with Migraine and Headache specialists and researchers from around the world.


    As part of the Congress, there are two debates we're especially interested in attending:

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    1. ‎Debate Session 1: Surgical Deactivation of the Trigger Sites for Migraine Prevention: Ready for Prime Time, with Dr. Bahman Guyuron, a pioneer in this surgical technique, and Dr. Hans Christoph Diener.
    2. Debate Session 2: Stress is a Major Trigger for Migraine, with Dr. David Borsook and Dr. Michel Ferrari.

    Other interesting sessions include:

    • Unraveling the Genetics of Common Headache Syndromes: Prospects and Pitfalls.
    • Cortical Changes in Migraine: Insights and Questions.
    • Investigating the premonitory phase (prodrome) of Migraine with H215O Pet.
    • Functional Neuroanatomy of Headache - Back to the Basics.
    • Patient Centered Headache Care.
    • A special session about CGRP antibody medications. Research is showing promise for this type of medication for aborting a Migraine and, perhaps, leading to a preventive as well. And the good news is that they could be safe abortives for those of us with cardiovascular issues that make the triptans problematic.
    • and lots more!

    On Thursday, June 27, watch the Today Show from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., eastern time. (Sorry I don't have a closer time for you.) Cindy McCain will be a guest on the show to talk about a new initiative that's being launched at the conference that afternoon, The 36 Million Migraine Campaign: Taking Charge Together. She'll join us at the conference for the official launch. Ellen and I will have more for you on this after the conference.


    While we're at the conference, there won't be a great deal of time to write posts, but I'll try to post when I can. I'll also be posting to my Facebook page, and several of us will be Tweeting. There's a special hashtag set up for following the conference on Twitter, #ICH2013.


    We'll be thinking of you and your needs and questions while we're at the conference, and Ellen and I are both looking forward to being able to write lots of posts full of new information.


    Live well,




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Published On: June 24, 2013