Amazing New 36 Million Migraine Campaign Launched

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  • When I was in Boston for the International Headache Congress (IHC), I was privileged to be at the official launch of an amazing new campaign to raise Migraine research funding, the 36 Million Migraine Campaign.


    The 36 Million Migraine Campaign is a new program undertaken by the American Migraine Foundation, which is chaired by Dr. David Dodick. The campaign itself is chaired by Cindy McCain. Dr. Dodick and Mrs. McCain explained the campaign and their passion for and dedication to in during the Presidential Symposium of the IHC on June 27 (2013).


    Dr. Dodick spoke movingly about the campaign and what it's about:

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    "bringing respect, dignity, and credibility to those who suffer with Migraine..."


    "patients who have been stigmatized by society, who have been ostracized by the medical community, and indeed suffer from a disease that has been marginalized by funding agencies and foundations..."


    "long overdue national investment in research to find, at the very least, safe and effective treatments that are specific for this disease, if not a cure..."


    "$1 for every sufferer... An investment that I think can mark the beginning of a time when this field and the course of this disease and those who suffer will be changed forever."

    He also spoke about a recent report from the World Health Organization, sharing startling statistics:

    "The recent WHO seminal report, I believe, has the opportunity to be a watershed moment in the field..."


    "Migraine is the third most prevalent medical disorder on the planet..."


    "It's the fourth most disabling among women, and it's the seventh most disabling medical disorder on planet..."


    "It (Migraine) accounts for more than 50% of all the disability that's attributed to all neurological diseases. That's astounding..."

    Mrs. McCain said the campaign is and "unprecedented campaign," and continued, saying:

    "I am here to raise public visibility, put pressure on the powers that be, to help the und of the most disabling medical illness on the planet. Most importantly, it is time for this nation to stop to listen, and to listen well. .."


    "Migraine is an illness and those who suffer have long been stigmatized by society as Dr. Dodick said, ostracized by the medical community and marginalized..."

    I wish you'd been there for this part of the IHC. What I can offer you so you can hear about the 36 Million Migraine Campaign more first-hand is a video in which Dr. Dodick explains the campaign and why it's so badly needed...



    Raising just $1 for each Migraineur in the United States isn't just a goal we CAN achieve; it's a goal we MUST achieve. Every single day, millions of people suffer debilitating Migraines because there hasn't been enough research funding to find effective treatments, let alone a cure for Migraine disease. Every day.


    The truth is that if we Migraineurs and the people who care about us don't step up, nothing is going to change. Other people aren't going to do this for us. So the question that remains is, "Do we care enough to do something about this problem?"


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    From Dr. Dodick:

    “To Migraine sufferers across the United States  - - this campaign, whose goal is to support the discovery of safe and highly effective treatments -- is to lessen the burden and improve the quality of life for you, your children, and future generations – please help us help you.”


    For more information, or to make a donation, visit the 36 Million Migraine Campaign web site. There are other ways you can help:

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    You can make a $10.00 donation quickly and easily by texting 36mill to 50555, and you can make it even better by encouraging your friends and family to do so too.


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