Avoiding Migraines and Staying Safe in This Summer Heat

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  • Summer can be a joy; or it can be a royal pain, triggering extra Migraines as well as other health and safety issues.


    This summer has seen record high temperatures in many areas of the country, and thunderstorms have been more than plentiful. This means an over abundance of Migraine triggers for many of us.


    One of the primary problems to be aware of and avoid during this summer heat is dehydration. To do that though, we need to really understand dehydration, what it is, how to avoid it, how to treat it, what to drink, and what to avoid. We have that information for you, and you can find it in Dehydration - An Avoidable Migraine Trigger.

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    There are other summer issues that can cause Migraineurs problems - the heat itself, fragrance in sun products, and more. For more on this, take a look at Tips for Avoiding Summer Migraines and Headaches.


    I wanted to reach out and share this information with you, especially given that my own Migraines have been increased some by this heat and the effects of it. When traveling last week, I didn't pay enough attention and allowed myself to become just a bit dehydrated. BAM - nasty Migraine. Take it from me - it would have been easier to pay more attention to proper hydration than it was to get rid of that Migraine!


    Do you have tips for getting through the summer heat more easily and with fewer Migraines? If you do, leave a comment below and share them with us, pretty please?


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Published On: July 23, 2013