Coldfront Cooling System for Migraine - A Review

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  • When a Migraine or headache strikes, many of us turn to thermal therapies for symptomatic relief and comfort.


    For cold therapy, we have several options - old-fashioned ice bags, cold cloths, gel packs, bags of frozen vegetables, and even a cooling machine - the SootheAway. Many of us use gel packs because they're softer and lighter than ice bags, easier to move around with and take with us, less messy than many of the other options, and more pliable.


    The downside of gel packs is that, unless they're larger and heavier, we need to get a fresh one fairly frequently. This is problematic when we're too ill to get up and when we're traveling.

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    Recently, a friend called me about a new product she'd come across called coldfront. She thought it looked great for solving that downside, and I agreed. After a few emails, I received one to try.


    Coldfront is a zippered pod that contains a large freezable pack and two small gel packs. You put the entire, closed pod in the freezer for 12 hours or longer. Then, when you take it out, you can use the gel packs, put them back in the pod for 20 minutes, and they're cold and ready to be used again. Here's a video shows the coldfront components:



    My first coldfront experience:

    • After 12 hours in the freezer, the large pouch was frozen, and the small gel packs were cold.
    • I used the gel packs one at a time. It took a gel pack about 20 minutes to warm up.
    • I got the second gel pack out of the coldfront pod and replaced the warm gel pack in the pod.
    • What the coldfront site said was accurate. After being back in the coldfront pod for 20 minutes, the first gel pack was a cold as it had been when I first took it out of the freezer.

    Traveling with coldfront:

    • Coldfront was great in the car. I had cold gel packs without the mess of carrying several with me in a cooler of ice.
    • Hotel room refrigerators, even those with freezer compartments were not cold enough to properly prepare the coldfront for use. There is, however, a solution. I took my coldfront to the front desk at the hotel and asked them to freeze it overnight. They were very accommodating, and I picked it up at the desk the next morning, ready to go.
    • My bag was already full, so there wasn't room in it for the coldfront. It was easy to attach craft cord to the zipper pull so I could carry it on my shoulder or attach it to my bag.

    Potential problems:

    The only potential problem I see with coldfront is that some people may like larger gel packs. These are palm-sized, which I like, but some people may prefer larger ones.



    The coldfront does what their web site says it does. After freezing it for 12 hours, you have two palm-sized gel packs that can be used, then placed back in the coldfront pod to be cooled again. For times when we don't feel well enough to keep getting up for fresh gel packs or for traveling, it's a great cooling system. You can find more information about coldfront on their web site.


    Note: Personally Cool, Inc., provided me with a coldfront unit to test. I have no other ties to the company.

    Live well,

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