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  • Educating ourselves about our Migraines is essential, especially because it prepares us to work as treatment partners with our doctors and take part in the decisions about our treatment.


    We have a great deal of information on our site. We do our best to have the most up-to-date information, and it's reviewed by Dr. John Claude Krusz, a Migraine and headache specialist. Earlier in the week, I try to bring you new information, but we can often benefit from reviewing information to see if it's been updated or just to refresh our memories. So, Friday's are Migraine Review Friday.


    Up Today - The Migraine aura

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    There remains too much confusion about the Migraine aura. Not everyone experiences the aura - the statistics say 25 - 30% of Migraineurs. My personal theory is that there may be Migraineurs who do indeed experience the aura phase, but they've never reported aura to their doctors because they don't recognize the aura symptoms they're having.


    Why would we not recognize aura symptoms? Because we're not told about all of the various symptoms that can occur during the aura. Too many people still think that the aura is always only visual symptoms, and that's simply not the case. There are many possible aura symptoms, some of which seem quite unusual.


    We have quite a bit of information about Migraine aura. Here are some links to with information about the Migraine aura and its possible symptoms:

    Do you have questions about Migraine aura or experiences to share? If so, please post a comment below and share with us!


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